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When it comes to successful athletes turned entrepreneurs, Shaquille O’Neal is undoubtedly one of the biggest names that come to mind. The former NBA superstar has not only dominated the basketball court but also made waves in the business world. With an estimated net worth of $400 million, Shaq has invested in various ventures over the years. So, if you’re wondering what companies does Shaq own and how he manages his investments, keep reading!

What is Shaq’s net worth?

Shaquille O’Neal’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million, making him one of the wealthiest former athletes in the world. He earned most of his fortune from his lucrative NBA career, which spanned almost two decades and saw him play for some of the biggest teams in the league.

Aside from basketball, Shaq has also made a considerable amount of money through endorsements and investments in various businesses. His endorsement deals include brands such as Icy Hot, Buick, and Gold Bond. It’s said that he earned over $20 million just from endorsements alone during his playing days.

Shaq has also invested wisely over the years by owning stakes in several companies such as Google (through its IPO), General Electric, PepsiCo Inc., and Apple Inc. Besides these high-profile tech giants and beverage companies, Shaq also owned 10% stake in Five Guys Burgers before selling it back to them again.

Apart from all this business ventures Shaq bought a home near Orlando that costs more than $28 Million!

What companies does Shaq own?

Shaq is a successful entrepreneur and has invested in various companies throughout his career. One of the most popular businesses he owns is Auntie Anne’s, which is known for its delicious pretzels. Shaq also owns a restaurant franchise called Big Chicken that serves mouth-watering chicken sandwiches.

Apart from the food industry, Shaq has investments in technology and media companies such as Google, Apple, and Twitter. He also collaborated with Ring to promote home security devices.

Shaq once held a significant stake in Papa John’s pizza but sold it after the company faced backlash due to racist comments made by its founder. However, he still works with the company as an ambassador and board member.

In addition to these ventures, Shaq has other business interests such as owning car washes and gym franchises like 24 Hour Fitness. He also invests in real estate properties across the United States.

Shaq’s diverse range of investment interests reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to create successful businesses that cater to people’s everyday needs.

Why did Shaq sell his stake in Papa John’s?

In March 2019, Shaquille O’Neal announced that he was selling his stake in Papa John’s, a pizza chain company. This decision came after the founder of the company, John Schnatter, faced controversy over his use of a racial slur during a conference call.

Shaq joined Papa John’s as a board member and brand ambassador in early 2019. He saw an opportunity to help turn around the struggling company with his business expertise and celebrity status. However, once Schnatter’s scandal broke out, it became clear that this partnership may not be sustainable.

As someone who values diversity and inclusion, Shaq made the difficult decision to sell his stake in Papa John’s. In an interview with CNBC, he stated that “I want everybody to know I’m working with a new CEO‚Ķand it’s going to be more diverse.”

Shaq remains optimistic about investing in companies where he can make positive change and impact communities.

What other investments does Shaq have?

Apart from his ownership in Papa John’s and various car washes, Shaq has invested in a variety of other ventures. One of them is an eSports team named NRG Esports, which was founded by entrepreneur Andy Miller. Through this investment, Shaq became a co-owner of the team along with superstar investors like Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.

In addition to that, Shaq also owns several restaurants across the United States including Big Chicken restaurant in Las Vegas. He has expressed interest in opening more locations for this fast-casual fried chicken concept.

Shaq is also involved in the fitness industry as he invested in a company called Fitplan Technologies Inc., which offers personalized training plans through its mobile app. He not only invested but also became an ambassador for the brand.

Moreover, he has ventured into real estate through partnership with Boraie Development LLC on various projects such as apartment buildings and retail centers across New Jersey.

Shaq’s investments are diverse and varied ranging from sports to food to technology giving him financial stability beyond basketball.


Shaquille O’Neal is not just a basketball legend but also a successful entrepreneur with diverse business interests. From his initial investment in Five Guys to owning multiple franchises, he has established himself as one of the most influential figures in the business world.

Shaq’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million, and he continues to expand his portfolio by investing in various companies across different industries. While he may have sold his stake in Papa John’s due to some controversies surrounding the company, this hasn’t stopped him from exploring other investment opportunities.

As we look into what companies does Shaq own, it’s evident that he invests more than just money; he puts effort and dedication into every venture for it to succeed. His success story serves as an inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs out there who are looking up to make it big.

Shaq proves that even after retiring from basketball at the age of 39 years old and becoming a TV analyst or host while still young enough (in comparison), you can always find new ways of making an impact on society through your passions outside of sports if you put your mind towards them wholeheartedly!

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