Which Company Cut Ties With Spokesman Jared Fogle In 2015?

When we think of famous spokespersons, one name that comes to mind is Jared Fogle. For years, Fogle was the face of a well-known fast-food chain, but in 2015 his reputation came crashing down due to scandalous accusations. As a result, one major company had no choice but to cut ties with him. In this blog post, we’ll reveal which company made that tough decision and explore how it impacted their brand. So grab your favorite snack and let’s dive into the world of corporate spokespeople!

Jared Fogle’s Scandal

In 2015, Jared Fogle’s reputation was tarnished when he was accused of possessing child pornography and engaging in sexual relationships with minors. The accusations came as a shock to the public, who had known Fogle for years as a likable and wholesome spokesperson for a popular fast-food chain.

Fogle had become famous after losing weight by eating Subway sandwiches while in college. His transformation caught the attention of the media, and soon he became an unofficial spokesperson for healthy living. This led to him becoming an official spokesperson for Subway, appearing in countless ads promoting their low-fat sandwiches.

However, his life took a downward spiral when authorities raided his home and found evidence that led to his arrest. The scandal sent shockwaves throughout the world, leading major companies to distance themselves from him.

The investigation into Fogle’s actions revealed disturbing details about how he used his celebrity status to exploit minors. His actions were reprehensible and unforgivable, causing immense damage not only to himself but also those affected by them.

The Company that Cut Ties with Jared Fogle

In 2015, sandwich chain Subway found itself in the midst of a scandal involving their long-time spokesman, Jared Fogle. Fogle had been an ambassador for the brand since 2000, appearing in countless television commercials and promotional events. However, it was revealed that he had engaged in inappropriate sexual activities with minors, leading to his arrest and subsequent imprisonment.

As soon as these allegations came to light, Subway immediately cut ties with Fogle. In a statement released to the press, the company expressed shock and disappointment at the news and asserted that they do not condone or tolerate any illegal activity associated with their brand or employees.

This swift decision by Subway was undoubtedly influenced by public outrage over Fogle’s actions. As one of America’s most loved fast-food chains, it was important for them to protect their reputation from association with such unsavory behavior.

Although this move may have initially hurt Subway’s sales due to its close association with Fogle over many years and losing one of its biggest marketing assets all at once; ultimately it proved beneficial as customers appreciated that they did what was right instead of protecting profits over morals.

Subway has continued on without Jared since then but regardless of how successful they’ve been post-controversy – this event still remains etched into history as being one of the biggest scandals in modern food industry times.

How the Scandal Affected the Company

The scandal involving former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle had a significant impact on the company. After it was revealed that Fogle was involved in illegal activities, Subway immediately cut ties with him.

The company issued a statement expressing their shock and disappointment over the situation. They made it clear that they did not support Fogle’s actions and would be severing all ties with him going forward.

As news of the scandal spread, many customers began to question whether or not they should continue eating at Subway. This led to a decline in sales for the sandwich chain, as well as damage to their reputation.

Subway worked hard to distance themselves from Fogle and restore their image in the eyes of consumers. They launched new marketing campaigns and revamped their menu offerings in an effort to win back customers.

Despite these efforts, however, Subway continued to struggle even after cutting ties with Fogle. The scandal had done significant damage both financially and reputation-wise, leaving many wondering if the fast-food giant would ever fully recover.

What Happened to Jared Fogle?

After the news of Jared Fogle’s scandal broke out, he pleaded guilty to charges of possessing child pornography and having sex with minors. In 2015, he was sentenced to more than 15 years in federal prison.

During his time in prison, Fogle gained weight and reportedly had a difficult time adjusting to life behind bars. He also faced several lawsuits from victims who claimed that Subway knew about his behavior but did nothing to stop it.

In March 2020, Fogle filed a motion for early release due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19 in prisons. However, his request was denied by a federal judge.

Currently, Jared Fogle is still serving his sentence at Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Englewood in Colorado. It remains unclear if or when he will be released from prison.

The scandal involving Jared Fogle not only affected him personally but also had significant consequences for Subway as well. The company made the decision to cut ties with him swiftly and has since worked hard to distance itself from the controversy surrounding its former spokesman.


The scandal surrounding Jared Fogle was a major blow to the company he represented for so many years. The decision to cut ties with him was necessary, but it also had significant consequences for the brand’s reputation and sales.

However, in doing so, the company showed that they put their values first and were not willing to tolerate such behavior from their spokesperson. Ultimately, this helped them maintain trust with their customers and move forward from the scandal.

As for Jared Fogle himself, he plead guilty to multiple charges of sexual misconduct involving minors and was sentenced to prison time in 2015. His actions were reprehensible and have no place in society.

It is important that companies take responsibility for who they choose as representatives of their brand because it can have far-reaching implications beyond just marketing efforts. By cutting ties with Jared Fogle when they did, this particular company demonstrated integrity and helped protect its own reputation as well as its customers’ trust.

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